Spirit of Iceland
Standing in front of a canvas with a paintbrush in my hand and the palette by my side is in my mind like the beginning of an exciting journey into the unknown.
It can be a long and treacherous road and the destination is unknown but
I am compelled to go on.
The journey itself is everything: it is a quest for colours
and the joy of the moment.
I am passionate about the conservation of the magnificent and tender icelandic wilderness.
In my paintings I express my love of the icelandic nature.
In the last months I have been painting the spirit of the north: the cold, the ice and the glaciers.
I paint with oil colours and mix volcano ash in the paint.
The ash we usually think of as destructive can also be used to create.

Force of nature Eye of Odin Clash of forces Creation
North trail Ash and ice Blue deep Core
Icepack Folding Breaking the Ice In blue moon
Flight Thaw Melting Hot and cold
Oil and ash OlÝa og aska Surface 1 Surface 2
Surface 3 Surface 4 Firework Thermal area
Hot spring 2 Hot spring From ash Flames 1
Flames 2 Sparks of light Wilderness 1 Wilderness 2
Wilderness 3 225 Spring thaw Water in desert
Glacier Heat Flaming glow Red river
Red river 2 Red river 3 Red river 4 Red river 5
Glacier Glacier 2 Melting 1 Melting 2
Melting 3