Where do they come from- where are they going?

Canvas on easel is to me like a door into another world, the part of my mind where the painting lives. On the walls of this world one can see my ideas fully created along with an uncountable number of sketches. Here, visitors are frequent and many.
Some af the guests mean more to me than others. And there are those I hardly notice but later appear on the canvas like a vague memory, surprising me, so I have to start listening and get acquainted with them.
This is true for these women; fully developed, some naked, some dressed, they appear on the surface so naturally, while others force themselves out from the shade into the red daylight.
The appearance of these women has a real meaning. They are here on their own terms to show us the unity of women in many variations. Some seem to burst out securely in the name of maturity and life experiences. They rule, punish, protect and console, all depending on the circumstances, while their friends take life easy, with ease and affection, go in peace with gold in their hair. The female energy has many metaphors and various colour. This time it's the colour red.

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